You Can Never Be Too Thin (and still cost $20)

I almost never buy books, being a booster for the free library system (there are several lovely libraries conveniently located to my home ossuary), and that allows me to read things that would otherwise slip by me. D.A., by time-travel/humor/sci-fi author Connie Willis, falls in this category, being in essence a short story hard-bound and illustrated by some quite amusing photo-images by J.K. Potter. The story of a high-school student in the near-future (one assumes: UCLA still exists, so California hasn’t slid into the Pacific yet…) who is, through no effort of her own (and against her express wishes), sent to the prestigious IASA space academy. The bulk of the text is devoted to her efforts at both trying to get outof the IASA Academy (a space station named after Robert Heinlein), and trying to find out who rail-roaded her into it in the first place.

The “mystery” of why and who isn’t all that mysterious, but the ride is entertaining, and Willis manages to keep the pace quick and the humor plentiful. Also, I am a sucker for a plucky heroine, and Theodora Baumgarten certainly fits that bill (with a name like that, how could she not?).

I finished the novella in about an hour, though individual user’s times may vary. Certainly worth the time and trouble of digging up out of your local library, though not exactly worth the price…

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  1. I think “D.A.” is such a strange name for a book, don’t you? What does it stand for? Or:

    a) Am I missing something; or
    b) Does that answer give something away?

  2. The answer to your query is “b.” It is part of the general mysteriousness of the book.

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